Last Chance for our Valentine's Day Specials

Valentine's Day may seem like forever ago, but wait!!! - you can still get in on our Valentine's Special until February 29th!

When you purchase your wedding dance lesson package by February 29th, we've added special bonuses to our most popular packages so you are getting more bang for your buck. We know that when you are planning a wedding, it feels like you have a hole in your wallet. Down payment here, installment payment there, and everyone wants a piece of your pie. Isn't nice when a local small business wants to give You something?

Wedding Dance Lessons are fun way for you and your Betrothed to bond over something romantic as you are getting ready for your Big Day. Not only are you learning a necessary skill for your wedding reception (the First Dance is kinda an obligatory thing nowadays), but combine your dance lessons with a lunch or dinner out and you have yourself a date!

And our dance instructors are so. much. fun. You pick a song, and we'll teach you how to not step all over each other in front of your friends and family. We'll take good care of you. And if you want a special dance with dad, mom, the steps, the in-laws, or even your wedding party, we can handle all kinds of special requests. All partnerships are welcome, and we can teach any type of partner dance that you have in mind - fast, slow, romantic, club-style, country, and more. Let's create something awesome!

Don't wait! Time really is running out on this deal.... February 29th at Midnight the bonus offers go away. So go ahead and get yours now: Louisville Wedding Dance

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