The gift that keeps on giving

Updated: Feb 1, 2020

“The gift that keeps on giving”… you’ve heard that one, right? The oft quoted trope that gets trotted out each holiday season. “The gift that keeps on giving” – I did a little research; do you know how long that advertising phrase has been used? Since the turn of the century! No, not the new millennium, since the early 1900’s. A few different origin stories exist, but the first wide-spread use of the slogan seems to be for by the Victor Talking Machine Company to sell phonographs and records in the 1920’s. Since then it’s been used to sell appliances, electronics, flowers, cameras, diamonds… Now you know!

As Valentine’s Day is not so stealthily sneaking up on us, what are you planning to gift your fiancé/fiancée? The price of roses skyrockets near the holidays. Chocolates are cliché and besides, aren’t we all on the wedding countdown diet? A card seems cheap, a gift card comes across as thoughtless. Dinner reservations are nearly booked up by this point, especially at the good places. Homemade dinner? There will be plenty of those once you’ve tied the knot. Hmmmm… How about “a gift that keeps on giving?” – like Dance Lessons.



First of all, it’s practical.

You need to dance at the wedding anyway, so why not go ahead and take a few dance lessons before the Big Day? It’s not like you’re leaving anything else to chance – you’ve chosen the venue, the outfits, the shoes, the jewelry, the caterer, the cake, the flowers, the wedding party, the Spouse… why would your First Dance be any different? Find a song that you Love and ask a professional to put together some dance steps for you that match your style, skills, and mood.

Second, it’s romantic.

Dance lessons are like a guaranteed date night. It’s a time for the two of you to put down the phones, get away from the stress and anxiety, and spend some time together – hand in hand, looking into each other’s eyes, and dancing to your favorite song! You’ll learn to move in time and rhythm together, take cues from one another, dance as a couple in love instead of two fish flopping around out of water. And many studios are open 6 or 7 days a week (Bravo Dance Studio is open 7!), so you can fit in morning, afternoon, evening, or weekend lessons around your schedule. You deserve this time away together! It’s like a mini vaca!

Reason 3, dance lessons last!

Nearly everything about your wedding day is fleeting – the flowers, the food, the cake, the music, the venue…. You’re not going to have any of them long term. But dancing on the other hand – you can have that forever! Take dance lessons now and you can dance at your wedding, your honeymoon, at other friends’ weddings, on vacations, at cocktail parties, on New Year’s Eve, or in the kitchen just because. And that, my friends, is truly A GIFT THAT KEEPS ON GIVING!

Now where are you going to find a friendly, reputable, fun, professional dance studio in Louisville? Look no further! At Bravo Dance Studio, we have Valentine’s Specials just for you! Ready to get started? Here we go!

Valentine's Day Special

Get one of our most popular wedding dance packages and

get a special Valentine's Gift for free!


  • - $245 -

  • 3 x 45 minute Private Dance Lessons

  • Basic Steps and Turns

  • Final Dip or Pose

  • Music Editing (if needed)

***** Get 10 Group Class and/or Party visits ($100 value)

Visit our Website to Purchase


  • - $450 -

  • 6 x 45 minute Private Dance Lessons

  • Full Custom Choreography

  • Intro/Outro and Final Dip or Pose

  • Music Editing (if needed)

***** Get 20 Group Class and/or Party visits ($200 value)

Visit our Website to Purchase


  • - $675 -

  • 10 x 45 minute Private Dance Lessons

  • Learn 2 Dances or Premier Custom Choreography with Dips and Poses

  • Music Editing (if needed)

***** Get 2 Bonus Private Lessons + a 6 week Couple Class Series ($280 value)

Visit our Website to Purchase

Fine Print:

Purchase Your Valentine's Gift by Feb 29, 2020 to receive Bonus Gift. Packages and classes expire 6 months from date of purchase. Private lessons can be scheduled 7 days/week - call or text 502-454-4111 to set up an appointment. Group Class and Party scheduled posted online.

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