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  • What if I don't have any experience?
    That is perfectly fine. Many of our brides and most of our grooms have never danced before. We make it very easy and fun. We specialize in adult beginners and will shape the lessons to your speed and needs.
  • What do I wear?
    Please dress comfortably, and wear shoes that will stay securely on your feet. For dance classes and parties, we prefer no jeans. However khakis or slacks are fine for gentlemen, paired with button down shirt. Tie and jacket is not necessary for most events. For ladies, either slacks or skirts are okay, as long as you have a wide range of movement.For private lessons, wear whatever is comfortable for you. There’s no need to buy specialty “practice wear” or “dancewear” for lessons. Jeans (for beginners), athletic pants, khakis, shorts, yoga pants, skirt…. And a shirt or top with adequate room to fully move your arms up and down – all are acceptable.
  • What kind of shoes do I need?
    You can wear any shoes that will stay securely on your feet. We recommend a flat shoe with closed toes, and straps or laces. Tennis shoes and dress shoes are an excellent choice for beginners. Ladies – even though the dancers on “So You Think You Can Dance” and “Dancing with the Stars” are wearing high heels, those are actually dance shoes built for ballroom and latin dancing. We highly recommend wearing a flat for your first few classes/lessons. When you attend classes, lessons, and parties at Bravo Dance Studio, you will notice that the instructors and most of the intermediate and advanced dancers are wearing dance shoes. While we do not require you to purchase dance shoes, you will find that your dancing will improve with having the correct footwear. So when you are ready, ask one of our instructors or receptionists for recommendations on dance shoes and we will point you in the right direction.
  • What forms of payments do you accept?
    We take cash, credit card, and personal checks. Payments are due at the time of the class or lesson, unless other arrangements have been made with the studio manager.
  • How long will it take me to learn to dance?
    That all depends on You! Everyone learns differently... but everyone learns! The more time and practice you put into your dancing, the faster you will learn. If come for 2 or 3 dance classes and parties every week, you'll dance better than if you come just 2 or 3 times per month. Check out our Calendar of Events and get started this week! Faster yet is private lessons. During private lessons you have the instructor's full time and attention devoted to you and your progress. It's your one-on-one time to ask questions and get feedback from our dance professionals.


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