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You deserve the best...

#1 Mother and Son Wedding Dance Lessons in Louisville

You'll be amazed at what we can do with 2 Left Feet!

Fun and Easy Dance Steps for an unforgettable Mother & Groom wedding dance.  Honor Dance (Mother and Groom) Routines for your wedding reception are our specialty!

mother son dance routines for wedding in Louisville Kentucky.
Are YOU looking for 

Dance Lessons for Mother and Son Wedding Dance?

You're in the right place! 
Your perfect Mother and Son Wedding Dance starts here.

mother son dance lessons for weddings near me.

"We're not dancers."

That's ok! We are.  We've worked with absolute beginners for years.  We'll make it super easy for to learn some steps and turns that will make your Mother and Groom Dance a highlight of your wedding reception.  It's really as easy as left right left right, we promise.  We probably can't turn you into professional dancers, but we'll make sure you don't look dumb.  Mother and Son Wedding Dance Routines are our Favorite!

"We want a Fun Dance."

Let's take your Mother Son Dance Ideas and make them a reality!  We have years of experience creating, choreographing, and teaching incredible dance routines.  You pick the mother son dance song, and we'll bring it to life.  Whether you want easy mother and groom dance steps or you wanna pull out all the stops and make your mother and son dance routine YouTube worthy, we're ready to make it happen!

Dance instruction for mother son wedding dance at Bravo Dance Studio.

"Our schedules are really busy."

We hear this one a lot!  That's why we teach Mother Groom dance classes 7 days/week.  Yes, evening and weekend dance classes are available, too!  We want your Mother and Son Dance to be a huge hit at your wedding reception.  We're here when you need us!

"I don't have any rhythm."

We're the best at working with beginner dancers.  If you have a pulse, we can teach you to dance.  Pick a Mother Son Song with a strong beat and we'll show you how to dance along.  If you can't hear the beat, we can teach you when to step and spin to words in the lyrics so that it looks like you're always on time.

Hundreds of happy dancers can't be wrong!

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Your Mother Son Dance at the Wedding is Going to Happen whether You Practice or Not...

We can make it painless!
Bravo Dance Studio dance lessons for mother son dance.
Bravo Dance Studio mother and groom wedding dance classes in louisville kentucky.

Family owned and operated right here in "The 'Ville". When you're here, you're part of our Bravo Family. 

We won't stop until you're thrilled with your wedding dance routine for your Mother/Son Dance.  For us, your satisfaction is our proof of a job well done.

Bravo Dance Studio is a "Louisville Original"!

We are here for You
7 Days/Week

Yes! even nights and weekends. It's easy to make time for wedding dance lessons.  Even with your busy schedule.

Huge Ballroom Floor

In fact, we have 2 dance floors... and an awesome sound system! Even LED lighting - it's like a dance party!  

Dance Lessons
Close to You

We are easy to get to - just 1 mile off the Watterson Expressway.  Just a few minutes from anywhere.

Online Booking
for Dance Lessons

Book your wedding dance lessons from your phone or computer anytime, anywhere.  It's never been easier to get started dancing.


We can’t thank you enough for all your time and effort to help us with the most perfect first dance!

 -  Becca L - 

Choose Package
wedding reception venue for beautiful wedding dance.


Platinum Course


20 X 45 mins Private Lessons
Basic steps and turns
Final Dip or Pose
Full Choreography
Music Editing
Honor Dances
Premier Choreography
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Most Popular

Deluxe Course


10 X 45 mins Private Lessons
Basic steps and turns
Final Dip or Pose
Full Choreography
Music Editing
Premier Choreography
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Basic Course


6 X 45 mins Private Lessons
Basic steps and turns
Final Dip or Pose
Full Choreography
Music Editing
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Crash Course


3 X 45 mins Private Lessons
Basic steps and turns
Final Dip or Pose
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newlywed couple dances tango for first wedding dance.

It's Easy to Get Started

Select and purchase package

It's super simple to purchase your mother son wedding dance package online with paypal or any credit card.

We'll contact you

We'll reach out within 24 hours with scheduling options and some tips on preparing for your first dance lesson.

Book your 1st lesson

We've streamlined the process with an online booking system.  You can easily see what days and times are open and fit your schedule.

 Show up ready to have some fun!

Dress comfortably and wear shoes that will stay securely on your feet. Sneakers are perfect for your first dance lesson.


What do we need for our wedding dance lessons?

Get ready to have some fun!  

  • Come to your first dance lesson with your song picked out, or at least narrowed down to your top 2-4 favorites.  

  • Dress comfortably, wear sneakers.  

  • If you have pictures of what you're wearing for the wedding, it's helpful to have it on your phone.

  • If you have the dimensions of the dance floor (even approximate), that's helpful.  

  • It's also useful to know the layout of the room -- where is the dance floor, guest tables, dj, main doors, etc

How often should we take dance lessons?

Most couples take 1 or 2 lessons a week.  If your wedding is really close, we can do 3-4 lessons a week, or even every day.  Bravo Dance Studio is open 7 days/week! 


But if you're planning ahead, 1 or 2 dance lessons a week, is optimal for learning new dance steps and also giving you time to practice in between.  Less than 1 wedding dance lesson a week (every other week or 1x month) usually means you're going to forget a lot of information between dance lessons or maybe even practice it wrong.

What should we wear to our first dance lesson?

We want you to be comfortable!  You probably won't be doing splits or high kicks in your first dance lesson, so just wear something that you can move comfortably in. Please wear sneakers or other flat, closed-toe shoes to your first dance lesson. We do want you to wear your wedding dance shoes, but we'll wait until closer to your wedding day to wear them for lessons.

How far out can I book my first dance lesson?

We can book up to two weeks in advance.  And, if we have openings, we can book your mother son dance lesson as soon as tomorrow.

Louisville Wedding Dance | Bravo Dance Studio

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