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The #1 most overused First Dance Song for 2021

… and 10 other great options for your wedding dance!

Weddings are on for 2021 and we're bombarded with Brides, Grooms, Moms, Dads all coming in for First Dance Lessons and Honor Dance choreography for upcoming wedding receptions. If you’ve had a wedding in 2021 or are in the countdown to your wedding day right now, cheers to you!!! We all need some joy in 2021 and your Big Day is cause for celebration! Pop the bubbly! Every year we get a lot of traditional wedding dance songs like Fly Me to the Moon by Frank Sinatra (or the Michael Buble cover is great, too), At Last by Etta James, and Can’t Help Falling in Love by Elvis Presley (have you heard the Kina Grannis cover?). These are fun standards that everyone at your wedding reception will know. They'll enjoy humming along as you dance.

And we get a lot of newer songs too for First Dance. Dan+Shay’s 10,000 hours is popular right now, as well as Ed Sheeran’s Perfect and Thinking Out Loud, and I Won’t Give Up by Jason Mraz. Something you heard on the first date. Or the night your special someone proposed. Or a song that you love just because.

But there is one Song that is completely overworked and overused right now. Don’t fall into the trap of using this song and ending up a cookie cutter First Dance. We have 5 or 6 couples A WEEK coming in asking for this Wedding Dance Song. Whenever anyone hears this song on the radio or spotify in a year or two or ten, they’re going to think of all the weddings they attended in 2021 that used this same first dance music. It’s going to be the Butterfly Kisses of wedding dance songs for this year. You want to stand out and be memorable; not lumped in with every wedding in 2021.

But there’s also another Big Reason that I ask you to take it from a professional choreographer – Do Not Use This Song. And I know, right now you’re thinking, What Could Be The Problem? I tell you from the bottom of my heart:

"It is sooo hard to dance in time to this song."

Without getting too technical, most music is written in 4/4 time… meaning there are 4 beats that you count and dance to. You probably learned a little bit about this waaaaay back in elementary or middle school music classes. Because 4/4 is the most popular time signature in music and dance, it makes it easy for wedding dance choreographers like us to create a really cool First Dance incorporating popular steps from swing, cha cha, rumba, foxtrot, and more. You end up with Amazing First Dance Choreography that you’ll be so excited to dance at your wedding reception.

But this song, it’s not like 95% of all pop songs that you could pick for your First Dance. This song that everyone is bringing in for their First Dance is in 6/8 time signature. Yikes! I can tell you that will bring a pit to the stomach of most wedding choreography teachers. We can choreograph it, but it’s really hard for YOU to dance it. Choreographers are limited in what steps we can put in a 6 count time signature. Beyond that, unless you and your fiance(e) have a strong music background, it’s hard for you to stay on beat. We don’t want you to struggle during your wedding dance and have a “thinking face” or be visibly mouthing the counts to the music. We want what you want - an effortless, amazing, memorable First Dance. We want you to look great on your wedding day.

Ok, are you finally ready to know what song is completely overused as a First Dance Song and you should completely avoid it at all costs???

……drumroll please……

“Oh but we were planning on using that song!” – I know, You and every other person having a wedding in 2021. Actually, I’m not saying don’t play it at your reception. By all means, do! I love this song, I have it in my personal playlist. But don’t use it as your personal wedding dance song for your reception. Add it to the line up of dance songs for your DJ to play during the party. Everyone loves this song! Instead, why don’t you uncover some lesser used gems? There is so much music out there, you can certainly choose a song for your wedding dance that will have your signature style.

Put on that thinking cap. Here are a few ideas to get you started:


12 Great Songs for a Unique First Dance

  1. Kiss -- Tony Desare Romantic cover of a classic Prince song. Everyone knows the words to this one, but this lounge version is an unexpected twist.

  2. Ocean -- LunchMoney Lewis, Meghan Trainor This song has the most romantic lyrics! And the two voices twine in and out of each other like a musical hug. Why is everyone not dancing to this???

  3. Hold My Hand -- Jess Glynne Who says your First Dance has to be a slow song? Get the party started with this great upbeat disco-inspired number! Everyone will be dying to join you on the dance floor.

  4. Around The World -- Calum Scott You wanted some Calum Scott? Here he is! A soulful cover of well-beloved traditional waltz. Perfect for a classic wedding dance.

  5. Am I Wrong -- Keb' Mo' Break with tradition! This blues style love song has a great beat that you and your guests will love!

  6. Perhaps -- Oscar D’leon How would you describe this song? Latin? Big Band? Awesome? This brassy latiny jazzy cover has got “Romantic First Dance” written all over it!

  7. Love On Top – Beyonce Nobody doesn’t love Queen B. This soulful classic love song has a great beat and even better lyrics.

  8. Steal My Love – Dan+Shay Looking for a country-inspired First Dance? Dan+Shay have a lot of great songs to choose from, and Steal My Love is one of the best with a great pop beat.

  9. Always Gonna Love You – Florida Georgia Line Florida Georgia Line pours the romance on thick with this classic sounding country love song.

  10. Better Together – Us The Duo Unless you’ve been under a rock, you’ll recognize this pop ditty made famous by Jack Johnson. We really like this cover by Us The Duo for it’s great swing dance beat and the two voices playing in and out of the melody.

  11. I Do – Colbie Caillet What could be a better First Dance song? Say I do to I Do on your wedding day to sum up all the warm fuzzies of finding your forever partner.

  12. Y Me Siento Bien -- Cubaneros (Feeling Good - Spanish Version) This is such a great cover of a song well-beloved by crooners and lounge singers. It’s been covered so many times but this one stands out head and shoulders above rest. Sung in Spanish and English, it’s beautiful and inspiring melody will give you chills. Looking for a surprise wedding dance? - try a salsa dance to this song and bring down the house.

Bonus Song!

All of Me - Raul Morel John Legend is another powerhouse when it comes to romantic songs with breathtaking lyrics. But check out this amazing cover by Raul Morel for the First Dance that no one will see coming!

Tell us what song(s) you're considering for your First Dance. If you got married this year, did you dance to You are the Reason? Think we're wrong about this song? Tell us why!


Okay, you’ve made it this far… are you ready to dance? Here’s a shameless plug for wedding dance lessons in Louisville, Kentucky.

If you’re in Louisville or “Kentuckiana”, we’d love to help you create an incredible First Dance that your guests won’t stop talking about. We have wedding dance packages for all budgets, and we’re open 7 days a week to fit in around your busy schedule. Bride/Groom, Bride/Bride, and Groom/Groom wedding dance choreography, as well as father/daughter dance and mother/son dance. Let’s create something awesome! Check out our wedding dance lesson packages at and prepare to be amazed at what we can do with two left feet!

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