Are Dance Classes Worth It?

Getting ready for your Big Day? Checking things off your list?

Venue – check. Cake – check. Caterer – check. DJ – check.

Dance Lessons - …. (crickets).

Don’t forget the dance lessons for your First Dance when you are prepping for your Wedding. The Wedding Dance is an iconic moment that guests and family look forward to as party of the Reception Revelry. Unfortunately, some Bride(s) and/or Groom(s) neglect this important romantic moment and photo op and just bear hug ‘n’ sway for an uncomfortable 4-5 minutes.

Don’t be that couple. Kick off your wedding reception with a great Wedding Dance that will wow your friends and family and make you the talk of the dinner table at the next holiday get together.

Dance Studios offer two different types of dance instruction:

Private Lessons and Group Classes

Private lessons are outstanding because you get to work one on one with a professional. But this service comes at a price and is not the only way to learn.

Dance Class
Bride and Groom in a Class at Bravo Dance Studio

Many brides and grooms do great in Group Dance Classes. You can join a group class at your local studio that meets on a weekly basis and learn the basics in a few different styles of dance. Typically, group classes in Louisville are only a few dollars per class. And when you find the right studio, the dance instruction is top notch. Group classes are also a fun way to get your parents, sibling, and friends involved so everyone can enjoy getting out on the dance floor at your reception. Now that’s a Party!

Benefits of Dance Classes

  • Less Expensive than Private Lessons

  • Learn Several Styles of Dance

  • Meet on a Weekly Basis

  • Quality Dance Instruction

  • Learn to Dance to Different Styles of Music

  • Great for Father/Daughter and Mother/Son dances, also getting the parents and/or other family members involved.

The main drawback of group classes is that you won’t receive the one-on-one attention that you would get in a private lesson. But for many people, the dance classes are a good jumping off point to get started on the Wedding Dance. Then when they want to polish some details, they can get a few private lessons to work out the rest.

Ready to find some Dance Classes and Get Started? You’re in Luck!

Bravo Dance Studio offers a fun and easy session of dance classes just for couples. Join us for 6 Mondays in a row and learn the basics of two popular dances. This is a great class to get ready for social events (like your wedding), also cruises, vacations, Honeymoons!, office parties, and more. At only $72/couple, this 6 week session costs less than one date night! All partnerships are welcome to join us for this series. We will not be switching partners in these classes; you’ll stay with your own partner for the entire series.

Join Us! More info and online registration at:

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