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I’ll just learn to dance on YouTube...

Updated: Jun 3, 2023

YouTube… saving our behinds in so many situations. New makeup look? YouTube it. Interview tips to nail a new job? YouTube it. Scary warning lights on your car dash? YouTube it. Newest IPhone review? YouTube it. Funny cat videos to waste time at wo… nevermind, just YouTube it.

But your First Dance on the Biggest Day of your Life? YouTube it? Really???

I know, I know… YouTube is so easy and it’s there 24/7 and you don’t have to put on pants to watch it. But sit tight, we’re going to give you 5 reasons it’s not as good as it sounds.


Your Wedding Dance is Going to Happen

whether You Practice or Not...

We can make it painless!


Learning in 2D is not as easy as learning in 3D.

You’re trying your best and your partner is doing… well, something. But the videos are just so darn vague, and together it doesn’t seem quite right. If you could only see it from a different angle, or faster or slower, or better yet, have someone break it down just for you.

You’re not getting any active feedback.

You might be doing it right, but you don’t have an outside trained eye to tell you if you’re right or wrong. Or to give you helpful hints on how to make it easier or do it better. You think you look cool… but let’s not wait ‘til you get the wedding video back to find out the real truth.

YouTube doesn’t provide a live action referee for your lesson.

Dancing should be Fun. But sometimes when you’re learning something new, and your honeybunch is learning something new, and it’s Just. Not. Working. (see tips 1 and 2), fuses can get a little short. If you are working with professional dance instructor, they can keep the lessons light and fun, and step in to mediate before things get too far off track. We’re good like that. :)

The video instruction is not specific to your Wedding Song.

You may spend a lot of time trying to learn steps or even a routine from YouTube, but in the end, it just doesn’t match the song that you’ve chosen to be your Forever Love Song. You may not know if it’s a waltz or a rumba or a tango or a polka… But we do. It takes about 5 seconds for a dance pro to listen to your song and lay out some options for you. Even better, dancers choreograph DAILY and know exactly where to put dips, turns, spins, and poses so that it matches your First Dance music.

There’s no one to give you a timetable.

It’s just so easy to keep putting it off and putting it off, ‘cause you can always jump on YouTube, right? Until your 3 days out from the wedding with a million things to left to do and the phone dinging every 5 seconds. Then you realize time has run out and you don’t know how to dance and everyone’s going to be watching and recording it on their phones and now You’re going to end up on YouTube as one of those really bad dance routines that goes viral! Sigh.

The takeaway is this: do what you want. It’s Your Wedding. But if you want a good First Dance, be it simple or extravagant, slow or fast, traditional or off the beaten track, go find a professional who works with couples. They’ll make the learning process easy and fun and stream-lined (you will save sooo much time over trying to learn it yourself) and you’ll get what you want. ‘Cause it’s Your Big Day, and you deserve it!

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